BMX — unique activity which contributes to personal growth. Each member brings one’s own individuality that forms a large and diverse community. Mind, body, emotions, psyche — these attributes merge in one holistic flow after what comes an understanding and ability to land a trick. We believe that BMX became our voice, a way for self understanding, a kind of meditation and expression. Bicycle is a tool for learning how to redefine the reality around, a method to change a common context of everyday life.


Selling BMX parts is how we earn money. But we want to be a part of the community, develop it and give back. Every rider of our team is a unique part of the single organism, which is tirelessly evolving. However we would not have existed without a community of enthusiasts. Contribution to its growth has always been one of our main priorities. Different activities, support of the local scene and it’s versatile development — we try to progress in an original way and put brick by brick in building the community.


Innovations and meticulousness — main elements of our approach in parts creation. Durability, optimal weight and the proper geometry have always been shaping our DNA of production. We stick to this formula adding unique ingredients and improving the product. Our riders test every single part. We work on all mistakes and defects till we get the desired result. We don’t want to rely solely on lable’s respect and always try to go out of our comfort zone. We want our product to speak for itself and to have its own merits. “Making a high-quality product is a way to show respect and responsibility towards the customer.”


The birth of the brand was a consistent step of our love for BMX. We didn’t start because of the investment opportunity. Otherwise, the company would be completely different. We are also clients of our brand. Each employee is involved in BMX in their own way. We are a part of a huge community but trying to be ourselves, bring our vision to the culture enriching it with what inspires us every day.